The most recent tragedies have led my devotional to be a simple prayer. I have reflected on one verse in particular and know that only God and his endless love and mercy can restore us.

“If my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14


A Simple Prayer

Lord God
Maker of all that we see and provider of all that we require
The potter to whom I am the clay
To the one who has designed and so intricately weaved into existence all that is known and all
that is yet to be known
It is through you that all things have been made
Though we may search for a purpose to our very existence
We know that we were wonderfully made in the image of you
With a knowledge that we have been chosen by you, through an expression of true love, agape
love, an unconditional love
I pray first as a Christian
That my tongue would speak only words of true wisdom and knowledge
A knowledge that can be found only through study of Your Word and a heart open to receive
That your Word would guide me and lead me not to be divisive in speech or conduct
I pray that your Word will manifest itself through me
Let my actions be guided by the greatest of all your commands
That “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your
mind, and that you shall love your neighbor as yourself”
Teach me Lord to discern truth
I pray Lord also for this and future generations who follow
That they learn from our mistakes
That they become wise through our insanity
I pray that they will become a generation that learns to think on their own and not be guided by
the fatuity of words spoken only to make a headline
Words spoken not guided by truth and spoken in haste
For your Word tells us that “words spoken in hatred only stir up strife”
Teach them Lord to discern truth
Lord grant them knowledge and wisdom
Grant them the patience to not capitulate to prejudice
Teach them restraint
Show them mercy
Drench them in compassion
Obstruct their anger with a saturation of love
Expose them to peace
Allow them not to become a victim of those who do not speak truth
But rather counsel them through your spirit to an understanding above all earthly desires
Lord I pray in closing
That you will bless this great nation
That we become a nation who once again honors you
A nation who values and protects life
That we are guided by morals that could only be set forth and designed by You
A nation not conditioned to please our own selfish desires
But rather a nation who considers all life to be precious
I pray we become a nation who once again is guided by laws not set forth by mankind but rather
given to us through your Word in love, as a parent instructs a child, to guide and protect us
If we fail to submit to the laws which you have created
We condemn ourselves to a life filled with discord
For man alone could never define the boundaries of right and wrong
Who is one man to judge another
If left to our own evil desires, we could never delineate morality
Not one could ever be held in contempt having mankind as judge
We would become our own Gods
Left to determine right from wrong based on what suits our needs of that moment with no
boundaries to protect us
Lord guide us and keep us
Protect us from all those who seek harm
Instruct us with wisdom
Bind our tongues only to be used to encourage and instruct from the teaching of your Word
Cover us with grace
Teach us to love as you have loved

– Tim Porter