Deliver vs Develop

Deliver vs Develop

Like many who read this, I also when young in the faith was “instructed” that every thing bad that happens to us it must have been caused by hasatan (the devil). No matter what it was there had to be some “hidden” demon behind it simply wanting to ruin my day or turn me from the Faith. As confused as I was with this kind of theology somehow I thought surely G-d must have something better then this kind of existence for those who have turned their lives over to Him. Coming from a Pentecostal background it was not uncommon to witness people (well meaning) standing around someone trying to cast out a demon of ‘Belch” because they suffered from indigestion or a demon of “broken leg” because they walked with a limp, etc. The list could go on and on and yet these were good people just trying to help someone. The problem was not so much with what they had known but rather what they had not known concerning the FULL Gospel and the Eternal Purposes of G-d in the lives of His children.

To this day there are many ministries built upon misinformed principals who place TOO much credit at the feet of hasatan and speak more of his activities rather then those of the Mighty G-d. I do not minimize the power of hasatan for one moment for he indeed is the prince and power of the air and still the agent of troubles in many circumstances. However, he is a DEFEATED enemy who has been rendered ‘ineffective to those who KNOW that it is G-d who CONTROLS all events and NOTHING can befall the child of G-d unless He permits it. What we have been led to believe concerning unpleasant circumstances can be the VERY AGENT fashioned by the Hand of G-d to bring us to a place we need to be as mature Sons and Daughters.

Perhaps this following example will enable you to see what I am saying. If you had some box’s that were placed on a shelf in your house that was out of your reach you would more then likely require the aid of a “FOOTSTOOL” which would permit you to REACH a HEIGHT that before was impossible to you. If so would you not be thankful for that “FOOTSTOOL” and see its intended PURPOSE? Instead of looking for hasatan somewhere in the mix for every “BAD” thing that is allowed to come into our lives and giving him credit, should we not look at them in a different manner and allow these things to become “FOOTSTOOLS” to RAISE us UP. Should we not begin to look differently at The Holy Words such as TRIBULATION worketh PATIENCE or should we continue to get in line meeting after meeting and ask someone to speak patience into our spirits?

Again it has been recorded ALL THINGS (events, circumstances) WORK TOGETHER for GOOD to them who love G-d . It is the combination of all these things that in the Hand of G-d are ORDAINED to bring us to the FULL MEASURE of the STATURE of Messiah. Permit me to declare that Yeshua came DOWN so that we could go UP.  DIVINITY put on DUST so that DUST could put on DIVINITY. It is time for the Sons and Daughters of G-d to not so much wait for Heaven to come down to Earth but to bring the Earth up to Heaven. Remember the story of Joseph: But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive. KJV: Genesis 50:20

The STEPS of a Righteous man are ORDERED of Adonai…….May we have eyes to see this.

Rabbi Matt