There is an interesting observation in the raising of poultry which gives insight to the reason we have so many lame (crippled, powerless) believers in the assemblies.

Birds reared in cramped spaces fail to develop proper legs. NOTE: Legs speak of WALKING= which speaks of one’s conduct.  This observation can be seen by the swelling noticeable around their tendons — a condition that renders them non kosher. (not at their best) The problem has long been that those without a Torah understanding tend to see obeying G-d’s Commandments as an obstacle to the charms of a stricture-free life. There exist today many assemblies that do not even present the Commandments or even for that matter the Living Word of G-d but present rather many “feel good, get rich, do what you want, have the best of both worlds” discourses and keeping the Commandments as a “thing of the past.” The truth is, however, that Torah adherence (obeying G-d’s FULL Counsel) creates the ambience for a glorious life, both in this world and in the next.

Those deformed chickens are a perfect example of what can go wrong. Their swollen legs showed that they never were given the chance to live normally. They were never allowed to move freely but were crowded together (like so many believers put in a box so to speak through programs, doctrinal dogma i.e. This is what we believe, this is how we always did it!!)

Sheppard’s who care for the flock must allow little chicks in their care to develop normally by PROMOTING INDIVIDUALITY. Researching the Scriptures on their own. FREEDOM to follow the Commands of G-d as it applies to their personal life, an atmosphere where they can step out in faith and make mistakes without CONDEMNATION. A proper diet of the BALANCED Word of G-d . If not, they will never develop into defect free individuals who can STAND on their own and be at their very BEST.

Rabbi Matt