Farm Livin’

“But concerning the times and the seasons…let us watch and be sober.”(1 Thessalonians 5:1,6)

Have you ever been so completely absorbed in something you lost all track of time? Not me. (HA!) Truth be told, this happens more often than I’d like. Minutes and hours turn into days, even weeks, while valuable opportunity is wasted on vain activity.

For me, a season like this occurred when I was first introduced to social media. Within that realm of endless interaction, I discovered the wonderful world of games, in particular, farming. It seemed innocent enough – creating a dream ranch, caring for animals, tending crops, visiting neighbors to help out on their farms (which benefitted everyone) – but it didn’t take long to fall headfirst into this fake world. You see, everything was timed, so… “tend it or lose it”, before the clock runs out!

This virtual world does have something in common with the real world… a clock is ticking. In 1 Thessalonians 5:1,6, we’re warned, “concerning the times and the seasons… let us not sleep as others do but let us watch and be sober.” This speaks to the “Day of the Lord”, which begins with Christ’s return and culminates in final judgment. Note, times and seasons are not the same. The word “times” refers to duration and prophetic relevance, where “seasons” refers to characteristics of the culture. Since all prophesies regarding Jesus’ return have been fulfilled, He could come at any moment! And because our culture deems truth “relative”, crowning the god of self, our days sound a lot like the days of Noah – anything goes. God is ever-so-patient, but He must ultimately execute righteous judgement. And He will. 

So, what do we do with that knowledge? Well, we’re warned not to sleep (as those in darkness, since we are children of light) because that leaves us, first of all, defenseless but also unawareunconcerned and unproductive. To the contrary, we are told to watch and be sober – to be actively aware. In the words of David Guzik, “Sober doesn’t mean humorless. It has in mind someone who knows the proper value of things and therefore doesn’t get too excited about the things of this world.” I’m not saying games are evil or that I lost my salvation. What I am saying is that getting lost in entertainment causes one to lose sight of what really matters – the Lord and His kingdom. 

What in the world are you trying to keep up with? What consumes your thought life? I knew I had a problem when the hymn lyrics “summer and winter, springtime and harvest”, left me worrying about my crops instead of praising God. But even that didn’t wake me. It took damaging computer viruses to finally open my eyes. Fast forward a decade, a new and improved version of farming caught my attention. I’d like to say I didn’t fall back into the same trap but that would be a lie. More napping ensued. 

Green Acres is a tempting place to be, and farm livin’ is the life for me. For all of us, really, but… not virtually, spiritually. Don’t hit snooze again. Fields are white for harvest! Let us wake from every nap and trap which keeps our eyes from Jesus. May we till our hearts, plant the Word, cultivate relationships, irrigate (not irritate) our pasturelands, and tend to others, so we will reap increased joy now and at God’s harvest, where crops never spoil, and time stands still. It’s high time to live the dream! 

SHINE, always