Have you Tasted and Seen?

Growing up my Aunt would bring me to church on Saturday night. We would get ready to walk to church and then have dinner after. It was what we did every Saturday night for quite some time. If you asked me what I got out of it I could not say or remember.  But, I knew it was just what we did and was part of the routine. 

 For a while after, going to church was part of my to do list. It is sad to say but the truth. I knew Wednesday night and Sunday morning church was put into my schedule and was part of the routine as well. I was able to check it off my calendar and go on to the next task I had on my list.  

It was not until I got convicted of this steady routine that I created in my mind.  I knew I needed this routine to change. I had a deep passion to go find out for myself who Jesus was and just exactly what He did for me. Rather than meeting Jesus on Wednesday night and Sunday mornings I started praying at home for more revelation. I wanted to meet Him and find out who He was. So I began to read the Word at home during my quiet time. And that is exactly where I found Him.  

Jeremiah 29:13 “And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.”  

I can certainly say I found Him. The God who I was seeking after, the One who was seeking after me we finally met. And that is when our relationship took off and I was set out to seek Him diligently in all things. It was in our relationship that I have tasted and seen that He is good and faithful.  

Psalm 34:8 “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man who trusts in Him.” 

 In today’s world it is easy to have schedules that are busy and marked with things that need to get done. But, the most important task to mark on our calendar is seeking the Lord almighty first and then all else can follow after. 
~Amanda Green