Proverbs 12:25 Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.

This short little verse carries such power. There is so much weight to the words written here. How many times have we been out to eat and complained about the food? How many times have we stayed somewhere and complained about the accommodations? Talked about the attitude or actions of someone else whom we just really didn’t agree with or commented on what they were wearing. How often are we sad, dismayed or just flat out frustrated about a situation we are faced with or an outcome that didn’t just seem to turn out the way we had anticipated.

Let me just start by saying that really, some of these thoughts are good, right. If we don’t like the food at a certain restaurant we may not eat there again. Or if the sheets at the hotel aren’t just soft enough we may never spend another night there. Maybe someone was behaving in such a way that it was just not a good attitude or behavior and we would be best to maybe distance ourselves a bit. All of these can be learned from and we gain the knowledge of things we may like or dislike. We gain wisdom to have a better outcome in a given situation. Maybe we should have punted the ball instead of going for it on fourth down.

But what about just taking in the moment. I often think of this when I am out with my kids or out on a date with my wife. Maybe visiting someone for the first time or spending time doing something that they seem to really enjoy. What will my actions say to them?

How do my anxieties affect the people I am with? How do my words impact those I am sharing time with? How will I change how the moment will turn out? I may not like the food at a certain restaurant, but will my words ruin the moment. Will they cause angst for the rest of my company. Our words and our actions can have great impacts on the way the “moment” goes. They can turn a good night into a bad night. What about the way that I respond to those I am with. Do I take there negative attitude or bad thoughts and let them creep in on me? Do I
now become the one with the attitude, the one who just can’t wait for the “moment”, for this time to be over.

One of my favorite stories in the Word is the story of Joseph. Beloved by his father and thrown into a well out of jealousy. Sold by his brothers and thought by his father to be dead. Faced many a trial in Egypt, yet through all of this Joseph remained committed to the Lord. He kept an attitude of joy and rejoicing despite his circumstances. He would later go on to save and nation and even more incredibly come face to face with those who sold him and cast him off as dead. Yet he embraced them. He loved them. Joseph could have very easily given up. He could have very easily focused on all that was bad in his current “moment” and no one would have probably thought any less of him for it. Rather, he made the best of it. He remained positive and focused, dedicated to the Lord, and created an outcome most would have never expected.

The Lord has blessed us with only so many days here. As a believer I know that we will one day spend eternity with our Heavenly Father and I so look forward to that day. But I also believe that He has given us so much to enjoy here in this world. He has surrounded us with beauty and many remarkable adventures await.

What impact can you have on a situation? How will you take the bad and make it good? We have many opportunities to show this world the love of Christ and our actions in those moments are the perfect time. In Christ we have great joy. He has given us all that we have and in all things we should show gratitude. How you act today can have a great impact on the life of someone tomorrow.

– Tim P

Philemon 1:7 Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people.