As much as things have attempted to slow down over the past few months due to Covid-19, I was quickly reminded over a recent brief vacation to the shore and outreach in Philadelphia that the chaos the enemy causes in others’ lives continues to run rampantly.

It was just a few months ago that I talked about learning how to adjust to all the new guidelines, and once again, we are making adjustments to our daily lives as society begins to return slowly to a “new normal.” As if Covid-19 was not enough at the moment, our country also went up in turmoil over numerous issues that range from police reform to understanding the diversity that exists within one another.

Time has come where there is so much uncertainty within people today and worries that at times did not exist. Many now question whether there will be food at the store to buy, or if Target will have what they need, or if they will still have a job come tomorrow.

The ability to depend on the everyday little “gods” is no longer a guarantee.

I am not one for politics. I understand such discourse that exists among non-believers, but lately, there has been such tension within the body it has made me re-evaluate my focus. Although my walk has been quiet over the last few months and I find myself waiting on God, I keep coming back to Matthew 6:33 “But seek first God’s Kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

I was out with some men from church for coffee, and we were asked the question during a devotional teaching “What does it look like to wait on God?” The question was perplexing because there were so many different perspectives, but I keep feeling the Holy Spirit say, “you think you are waiting on God, but God is waiting on you.” God is a jealous God in the sense that He is jealous for you and about you for His glory. As Matt Chandler would say, God put that spirit in you and it is His glory that is at stake for there is nothing we as an individual have that he needs but the hope that the joy of His name in us would reflect the goodness of Him.

When we as individuals repent to turn our lives over to Christ, we decide to seek the Kingdom of God. Every day we wake up the decisions and choices that I make and I reinforce that decision or deny it. If I am not seeking the Kingdom of God and reflecting that in my walk, how can I expect to help others believe Christ’s transformational work? It is now more crucial than ever to get the Gospel out there, but if I am not focused on Kingdom things, then who am I truly serving? I can only serve God or myself; I have realized in any aspect it is one or the other. Any decision I make that is not Kingdom related is a decision I make to serve my own agenda, fulfill my own needs, or even feed my own fears. Even when I think I am doing positive things that involve my family, ministry work, and even school-related work, I am constantly evaluating to make sure it has not taken priority over God.

In closing, I want to get back to where I started. As I walked on the boardwalk with my good friend Zach, we could see the brokenness that existed. This extended to the outreach in Philly the following week. What was interesting to me was during the time that we did encounter people, two men that we talked to understood and had a knowledge of who Christ is. It was heartbreaking to see how tight of a grip the enemy had on these individuals and, for me, a reality check of what happens when the focus comes off of Christ and we choose to serve anything other than Him.

So I ask, are you seeking the Kingdom of God today?

~ Frank D