A few weeks ago, there was a precautionary “Shelter in Place” order at my daughters’ school because of some suspicious activity at a neighboring school district. All we were told was that there was no immediate danger. When I received the text, of course, fear set in as I quickly realized I was powerless to do anything. There was nothing I could do to control the situation so, I sat and waited and prayed. Thankfully, we quickly received word that the situation was remedied and the “Shelter in Place” order was lifted. The school day was continuing as normal and most of the students, including my daughters in First Grade (they’re Triplets), never really knew that anything was occurring.

Upon getting this 2nd text, I was relieved, but still on edge, my physiology needed a minute to catch up to reality. So I took a little walk. I was at work, so as I was crossing the empty parking lot, I was praying. I acknowledged that God was in control of everything, always – when I can’t be, when I want to be, when He’s given me the authority to be… He’s the one really in control.

As I asked for Him to give me a peace about this, a 12 passenger van drove in front of me and parked diagonally in the empty parking lot. I was now walking straight towards the back of this van that had a “Got Triplets?” bumper sticker on the back. Immediately, I smiled. I was going to give the driver a thumbs up and yell “I do!” when I walked passed but before I could, he pulled away and I never saw who was in the van. To me, it was just a gentle reminder that our girls are a blessing from the Lord, that they are still here – happy and healthy, and that He holds them in the palm of His hand. Yes, all of that from 2 little words on a bumper sticker – but 2 words given just when I needed them most. It’s a little thing, but in it, an extraordinary lesson for me.

When the troubles of life come, to whom (or what) do we run to? In Psalms, David often refers to the Lord as his strong tower, his hiding place, his shield, his refuge, his strength, a very present help in time of trouble. David talks about fleeing to the Lord, but also abiding – living – in His shadow of protection. Are you camped out in God’s shadow? When the troubles of life come can you “shelter in place”, trusting that God’s working and moving?

For me, I know that if God can orchestrate something as small as this divine reminder from a bumper sticker to reassure His child, He will be faithful to His promise to work all things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

I’m abiding in that today. Be blessed!