What a confident statement, right? There is no question that God spoke to Paul and there is no question that Paul wholeheartedly has faith in what he was told based on this verse.

Oh, how I find myself yearning for that kind of internal peace and complete confidence.

While I want to read this and say, “Yeah, but I’m going through X, Y and Z…” it’s important to remember what Paul is in the middle of when he speaks this statement.
He’s in a boat full of prisoners heading to Rome to stand before Caesar (keep in mind, he doesn’t “belong” amongst prisoners), the winds are prevailing against the ship, they’re hungry, they have no choice but to start throwing most of what’s on the boat off of it and shipwreck is inevitable.


These are not desirable circumstances. Yet here Paul is in verse 25 proclaiming that an angel of the Lord told him:

  • They will make it to Rome
  • No lives will be lost in the process
  • They would [still] be shipwrecking

Note the last thing he was told. This isn’t a “rainbows and butterflies” announcement. Yes, they’re making it to their destination alive, but it’s not going to be pretty.


And ALL of this is met with confidence from Paul; confidence that must be rooted in a peace that can only come from God. That blows me away.
I was both convicted and encouraged by this passage.

Convicted because I am seriously lacking that kind of confidence when I find myself in the middle of undesirable circumstances. Convicted because I don’t sit in the presence of God long enough for Him to speak this kind of encouragement to my heart. Convicted because, as I have been learning, my confidence is often rooted in logic. But God surpasses the logic of man.

Encouraged because it’s possible to have this kind of confidence and peace, regardless of my circumstances or the hopelessness that feels like the only option at times.

Since reading through this a month ago, I have spent nearly an hour each morning alone with God before starting my day. I pray, read Scripture; sometimes I just sit in silence in His presence. I can’t even begin to explain the difference it has made. My circumstances haven’t changed, but my heart towards them sure have, and my heart’s found rest in the Lord in the midst of it all.

I don’t know what season life has you in today, but know that the deep-rooted confidence Paul has in Acts 27 is yours for the taking.  Claim it and live in it!

Get alone with God, let Him speak to your heart and take your next step in confidence.

– Alyssa

P.S. I think you will find this song encouraging!