What Were You Born For?

What Were You Born For?

It’s not an easy question because it brings up less than desired introspection. We have our self doubts and worries about what answers our minds conjure up. That becomes Satan’s playing field…our mind. But if you can put on the mind of Christ and place on your helmet of salvation you’ll soon find yourself realizing your inward thinking needs inward lifting. That can only come from the Holy Spirit. 

When you listen to the Holy Spirit inside you, you’ll soon find you have extraordinary value and limitless purpose. In fact you were born for so much more than Satan, our conscience or others hint at about us. We need to know God’s plans for us not Satan’s demise, to follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance not our conscience’s and to know Christ’s compassion for us not the world’s contempt. 

All that should bring your buzzing thinking some peace and comfort. You do know that is part of the Holy Spirit’s role in your life, He is The Comforter and Christ, the Prince of Peace. So let’s answer our title’s question. 

What were you born for? I want to share three things with you. 

1.You were born for Relationship

Since God first created Adam we see man’s need for relationships. Whether it was Adam walking in the cool of the day with God or God recognizing man’s need for human relationships. So He created Eve for Adam and then His creation began to fill up with people…relationships. But God’s plan was having a relationship with His creation so that is why He made man in His image for a relationship between mankind and Himself. The greatest of all plans God had was giving His Son, Jesus, as a bridge between sinful man and righteous God. God desires a relationship with each of us because He loves us all. God has even put people into our lives to encourage and grow us in so many different ways. Build your relationships with Him, with our spouse, our kids, our family, friends, in church and in our community!

2.You were born for a Purpose

We see in scripture that God has a purpose, a plan for us all. In fact God has given us each gifts or abilities unique for the things He has planned for us to do. God has supplied the equipment, the tools and skills and talents for the very purpose He set for us. Question can be, do you recognize what God has set you up to do? Your purpose? It’s uniquely perfect just for you. Can you tell what God has equipped and provided you? Again, each piece picked specifically for you! In what ways can you serve Him and others? What do you know in your heart He is asking you to do with all of that? 

3.You were born to Glorify God

Our lives can either be absorbed inward or radiating outward. What do I mean by that anyway? We can either take in credit and praise to satisfy self or give out selflessly for the glory of God. We were born for His glory and to give Him glory. As we saw in the above points we have seen God provide people and has equipped us for His purpose and His glory. All that we were made to do and have been given have a reason, God created us for HIS glory. Sounds kind of selfish on God’s part, huh? Well, for good reason, HE IS GOD!! He has actually given us His ALL…He has given us His love…He has given us our lives…He has given us His Son…and on top of that He has given us eternal life! He deserves all the glory. We are created for His glory and to give Him glory. 

We were made for a relationship with God, a purpose planned by God to bring glory to God. Don’t let Satan ever take that knowledge away. Let what you read here sink in…you are created especially for God, by God. We were made in (“our” = Trinity) God’s image. God sent us His Son, Emmanuel, “God with us”. We are worthy to be called the children of God. Jesus has called us His friends. We have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside us. Know who you are to God. Know what you were born for…relationship, purpose and God’s glory! 

Be Blessed,
Pastor Steve