What’s on Your Plate?

What’s on Your Plate?

Recently I attended a beautiful Seder dinner during Passover. We all had a plate set before us on a white table cover with candles and flowers. There were four cups for wine and a bowl of salt water. On our plate was a piece of roasted lamb, some charoset, horseradish, parsley and some matzos. The leader explained what each piece represented and the meaning of the Passover in Exodus was clearly seen.

The service concluded and I looked on my plate and saw that my lamb was still there. I turned to my brother be side me and said, “He forgot the Lamb”. The leader come over to me and I said to him, “You forgot the lamb”. To his dismay he could hardly believe it, for he had prepared for this dinner for many hours.

When I returned home, I wondered why this part of the Seder was eliminated, it made no sense. Then the Lord gave me an example to explain what happened. We take much time in serving the Lord to make everything as perfect as possible. We plan and pray to get everything right, everything in order. Our plans and purposes are to bring glory to our God. But sometimes we get so caught up in the preparations and details we can forget the Lamb. As we check what’s on our plate for the day, let’s not forget the most important part.

Have we partaken of our Lamb of God?

Ginny I.