“I will worship through my questions…” You Will Be My Song ~ Red Rocks Worship

I was listening to the song linked above the other day, and the line I noted has lingered in my head since.

When I think of worshipping through questions, I think of Mary. Mary… a young, unmarried woman who was told by an angel she was pregnant with the Messiah through immaculate conception.

Let’s talk about the angel. There are several accounts in Scripture that record grown men trembling in fear at the sight of, or because of interactions with, angels.

Let’s talk about the immaculate conception. She was engaged to a man she had never been intimate with, and was now being told she was pregnant…with Jesus; with the awaited One, the Messiah.

Now let’s talk about her response in spite of those not so small details…

She asked a question. She simply asked, “How can this be?” That’s fair, right? I mean, I would have quite a few. And then Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word. (Luke 1:38)” She then sang a song of praise.

She worshipped through her questions.

Maybe this sounds a little sideways, but I’m not so sure the answers to our questions matter much when we have that kind of faith in who God is, and His ways. It doesn’t all have to “make sense” as far as our line of thinking goes anymore, it just needs to line up with the truth of the Word. And I can assure you, God will always act according to who the Word says He is. Without fail.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. – Hebrews 13:8

We may not realize it in the moment, but many of us (definitely myself included) get caught up in a very wrong, pretty dangerous mindset. We’re worshipping God all the day long, something in life goes sideways and question marks start popping up in our heads, and suddenly we can’t worship God until He starts giving us answers to the unknown.

This tells us something about the reality of us and heart’s tendency, too. It reveals that we slip into only really worshipping God for what He is doing for us, not who He is. Logically, nothing about what Mary found herself in the middle of made sense. But when the angel basically reassured her of God’s character, she released her need to understand “it” because she knows Him. She responded in worship.

I guess that’s really the bottom line of this devotional…

You can worship through the questions and uncertainty because no matter what the answers end up being, God will still be who He is. And that’s why we worship God; that’s why He deserves our worship…because of who He is.

~ Alyssa