Call me strange (it wouldn’t be a first), but I can’t be the only one who notices these things…

Homes have a distinct smell. It could be a certain food, detergent, pet, maybe smoke, or a candle to cover the smell of the smoke. You get the idea. But whatever the smell, it’s simply the result of a lifestyle. And just as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, so “fragrance is in the nose of the sniffer”. For instance, I know people who enjoy the odor of a freshly fertilized field (no, just no), or compare a skunk’s spray (gross!) to the smell of coffee (Mmm). Because opinions differ so greatly on all topics, it’s important to always go to the source of Truth. In this case, what does God find to be a fragrant aroma?

According to Ephesians 5:2, love and sacrifice are very pleasing to God. They’re why Jesus came. But knowing His purpose didn’t make the surrender any less painful for Jesus. Which brings another word to mind – obedience. The three are intertwined. Jesus said, “If you love me, obey me”. And Samuel, God’s prophet, tells us “to obey is better than sacrifice”. Obedience carries love to the altar of sacrifice. Those words walked hand in hand to the cross, and to God, it was a fragrant aroma! But long before the cross, Jesus was a sacrifice. His entire life centered on obedience to the Father; crowds were drawn by that fragrance. And just as Jesus offered up His body, so should we be a “living sacrifice”, holy and pleasing to God. That’s spiritual worship. It’s prayer, which is incense to the Lord. Another great smell!

So, how do we “live in love”? We can’t, really. Not on our own. We need the Holy Spirit to provide strength and boldness, or even fan the flame for the desire we lack. His wisdom and discernment show us just how to love, when to obey, or what to sacrifice. All we need do is ask. And pay attention (I need this reminder daily). If your actions and attitude smell more like a cow pie than an apple pie, pray about that. What is God telling you to do? Shhh. Listen…

Nobody uses unscented candles as air fresheners, so I’m thinking this little light of mine ought to come with a great scent, right? (perhaps, banana nut?) Only God can infuse that fragrant aroma. When we spend time with Him, we can’t help but come away wearing His heavenly scent. Sit with the Father. Breathe deep. Fill your lungs. And speaking of distinct smells in the home, yours will exude a bouquet of the Bread of Life, the washing of the Word, the sheep of His pasture. Those are good smells, I promise. Now take your freshly lit candle and look for someone to share in the aroma.
Have a blessed Mother’s Day weekend!
SHINE always,