Hungry for More

Hungry for More

When it came time to get our first ultrasound for Joshua, the tech could tell we were both nervous, and I’m sure it was because she read our chart. We were in the same position only a year ago, only to find out that Dana would be having a miscarriage. The tech looked over and said I could not say anything, but I want to show you there is the heartbeat, which is vital. I remember a feeling of relief coming over me.

Fast forward a few more weeks to the next ultrasound, and they wanted to send Dana for another check because of our prior history. I remember her texting me and calling me at work, and that sudden feeling appears in my gut. With much hesitation, I called her back, anxious for the news I was about to get, and I remember she said, “don’t worry, there is nothing wrong; they are just a little concerned that the measurements seem a little big at this stage of the pregnancy, and they would like to monitor the baby frequently.” 

Thinking nothing of it, we continued with the pregnancy, the visits, and the ultrasounds and were told the same thing by the doctor and Dana’s OB. As we were nearing the end, the final ultrasound measurement was 10.2 lbs. The doctor told us it could be off by a pound, but they set Dana up for a C-section out of precaution.  

Well, I say all that because Joshua Gary came out to be 10.3 lbs on the scheduled day. After seeing Dana briefly as she was taken into recovery, he met me in the recovery room. The nurses gave me a little bottle and said he would be hungry and should eat about a quarter of this, so I started to feed him, and I noticed a quarter was soon gone. I asked the nurse what to do, and she said to let him eat a little more, and by now we were halfway through the bottle, and the nurse had to pull it from him. She said he was overeating for just being born, but Joshua was crying for more. 

Joshua soon ate two ounces within two days and almost four by the time we left. Joshua would not let that bottle go, and when he was hungry, he let you know. Joshua desired that feeding and could not wait until the next one, and the weight he lost from birth he nearly gained back.

It made me think about my spiritual hunger for the word of God. 1 Peter 2 reminds us 2 as newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby, 3 if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is gracious.

When I think about our children drinking milk, it was always whole milk; we did not give them skim milk or 2%. They needed the whole milk to grow stronger, just as we spiritually need the entire Word of God each day to grow stronger in our walk. It is not to say that the Daily Bread is not beneficial, but our growth comes from the entire Word of God. 

Psalm 119:103 reminds us, “How sweet are Your words to my taste, Sweeter than honey to my mouth!”  Our desire should be to hunger like a baby until our next feeding.

So, I ask, how hungry are you?

Frank D.