Reshaping our Character

Reshaping our Character

A curious explanation is given in a Jewish writing as to why the whole human race originated from one man. “Because of the righteous and the wicked, that the righteous should not say, ‘We are descendants of a righteous ancestor’ and the wicked say ‘We are the descendants of a wicked ancestor.’” The point is that neither can plead hereditary as the deciding factor in their character. I submit this to you my brethren for careful consideration: Adam and Eve were created in a state of INNOCENCE however; innocence does not constitute Righteous or Unrighteous which in themselves requires an action stemming from a thought. The result of which constitutes the act as a Righteous or Unrighteous deed. It was not until Adam and Eve acted on a Command given by G-d that they left a state of innocence and because of their CHOICE to disobey G-d became Unrighteous. Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin. A man is not born a liar but rather becomes one as a result of lying THUS SHAPING HIS CHARACTER.

It is far easier to blame our ancestors for our failures rather than take responsibility for our own choices which has direct bearing on the formation of our character. All of us are born with the propensity to sin due to the fallen nature passed down upon all flesh, lending to the fact that we probably will. However, G-d has provided the way to have our character reshaped as long as we continue to choose after the Spirit. Rav Saul said, “Know you not that to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey his servants you are to whom you obey;” whether of sin unto death (Unrighteousness) or of obedience UNTO Righteousness. In making us free will beings, G-d permits us to become the product of our choices. “He that is Holy let him remain Holy still and he that is filthy let him remain filthy still.” I am in no way minimizing the power of the flesh to act upon our members as it is indeed a strong agent enticing us to do wrong but I am suggesting that it does NOT have to have dominion over us as again. Rav Saul said, “Therefore brethren we are debtors NOT to the flesh.” Again he writes reckon yourselves to be dead unto sin but alive unto G-d through Messiah Yeshua, our Adonai. LET NOT sin therefore REIGN (doesn’t imply exist.. just not ruling) in your mortal body that you should obey it in the lust thereof. Neither yield (make a choice) ye your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin but yield(make a choice) yourselves unto G-d as those that are alive from the dead and your members as instruments’ of righteousness unto G-d for sin shall have NO dominion over you.

The time has arrived for the assemblies to stop blaming our ancestry, nature or nurture (environment) as the SOLE REASON for all the shortcomings that exist in us and surrender ourselves to the ministry of the Rauch HaKodesh in the reshaping of our character. Our ancestors, environment, etc indeed had great influence in our character development, however, the point I am making is that WE made a choice to follow those influences. No one will stand before G-d and pass the blame for what he or she did in their lives such as our first parents Adam and Eve did in the Garden. Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent and indirectly both Adam and Eve blamed G-d. His Word declares: Every man sins when he is drawn away by his OWN lusts: It is not wrong to confront ones past and deal with those things that became a part of our character development… Its just wrong to stay there. Nothing pains my heart more than to see G-d’s people constantly going to the alter to find relief for the same sins. What hurts more is the misguided dependency built in to the flock perpetuated by the Shepard’s who “pity” or “excuse” the flesh. Yes I agree we all sin, yet we DON’T have to.. G-d’s Holy Word says, “IF we WALK in the Spirit, we will NOT fulfill the deeds of the flesh.” Its recorded in Romans 7 that we ARE delivered from the Law (not Torah) BUT the law of our sinful nature that being dead wherein we were held that we should serve in newness of Spirit and not in the oldness of the letter. In other words, the letter says you will Always sin but the newness of the Spirit says you DON’T HAVE to. Either that is true or it is not.

My intention in writing this is to bring to the forefront of our thinking that there is the way provided to reshape our character (be ye transformed by the RENEWING of your MIND). This He will do if we let Him.

Rabbi Matt